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Private Readings and Therapies

Private Readings are available in the comfort of your own home.Each

reading consists of a spiritual and psychic connection for the recipient,

As well as a detailed Tarot, Angel, Guidance and Oracle reading.

House Parties require a minimum of four people and a maximum of seven people.

House Parties require a minimum of four people and a maximum of seven people.

Price per reading is


There may be a travel charge to be arranged with the parties host prior to booking,This will only occur on a round trip of 100 miles.

Due to a back log email readings are not available to purchase at present. we will return to normal in due course

Readings By Email

Readings by Email are now available at a cost of £25.00 per reading.

To book your Email reading i will need you to book by Emailing me at.

Payment will be made through Paypal which is available from the bottom of this web page. I will also require you to email me a recent photograph of yourself.

When booking your reading by email. I require you to think of three

questions that you would like an answer for. I ask you do not tell me these questions but keep them written down in a safe place to look back on in receipt of your reading. These questions must only be about you and your life.

All readings will be done and delivered to your own personal email this can take up to 7 days depending on workload. For more info call me on number below.

07837 537 093

0141 840 2435

Hopi Ear Therapy                                                                £35.00

(with facial massage infused with reiki £45.00 )

Reiki Healing                                                                       £25.00

Holistic Healing        (free of Charge) a donation for this therapy for

my chosen charity would be  appreciated. 

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